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Technical settings

If your device/platform is not documented elsewhere, then the following settings give a general guide for how to connect to the Bucks eduroam network. Please remember, not all devices are able to connect due to technical or security reasons and so may not be supported.

SSID: eduroam
Security:WPA2 Enterprise
Authentication: 802.1x
EAP method: PEAP
Phase 2 authentication: MSCHAPV2
Identity: University email address (eg
Anonymous identity:
Wireless password: Your Bucks login password.


If your device is having trouble connecting, you may need to install the following certificates.

TERENA Certificate

AddTrust Cert
AddTrust Certificate

Web Filtering

We perform some light web filtering to block websites known to harbour viruses and malware. This is done on an automatic basis by our web filtering software. If you encounter a blocked site, and believe this to be an error, please contact the IT Service Desk. Some sites may also be blocked manually by the IT department to facilitate the secure running and performance of the network as a whole.

Level of Access

All common required ports are open to the internet, however some are disabled for security best practices, including RDP, MSSQL, CIFs, and unsecure email protocols such as SMTP. IPSEC and SSL VPN services should work from within the eduroam network.

eduroam compliance 

The network at Bucks should be fully compliant with all eduroam requirements.