Welcome to eduroam!

Bucks New University Students and Staff may connect devices to the eduroam wireless network. This will give you access to the internet, and various Bucks resources. Simply connect to the wireless network called 'eduroam'. When prompted, enter your username in the form of your Bucks email address (joe.bloggs@bucks.ac.uk), and your usual password. If you are using a Bucks-provided laptop you DO NOT need to set anything up, this has been done for you automatically.

If you are visiting Bucks, and your institution supports eduroam, then please connect using your own email address and password.

Type of Service

Bucks offers eduroam access to visitors on Bucks' campuses, as well as to Bucks staff on other eduroam-connected sites. For full details of the eduroam service at Bucks,  please click here.

You can find other sites with eduroam available by clicking here.

Setup your device

See our general technical settings.

Terms of use:
  • By using the eduroam network you agree to be bound by the Regulations for the use of computing facilities at Buckinghamshire New University. You may read this document here.
  • You are also bound by the terms of the eduroam(UK) policy, which you can read by clicking here.
  • If you are visiting Bucks from another institution, your home institution's regulations for use also apply.
Can't connect?

If you have having difficulty connecting your device, please contact the IT service Desk.